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Youth Voice

Speak Up, Take Action

Supporting young people to see that their views are valued and can bring about action and real change is a big part of the work we do.


Championing the voice and influence of young people is at the heart of what we do. We work with young people and the wider community to support the creation of youth forums, organise community events and more. We also enable young people to have their say at the table with decision makers – both locally and nationally – putting their views forward on a range of topics, like mental health and wellbeing.


This board is an open invitation for young people to help steer the direction of our organisation. Young people work alongside us to plan the delivery of projects and programmes, highlighting successes and acting as a critical friend on areas for development. By supporting them to be directly involved in decision making, young people learn what they have to say matters, not just in YPC, but out in the world.


By recognising the role that young people can play in making real change happen, we’re growing the next generation of active community members.

“I like the way I feel more active and confident in the community.”
– Youth Council Attendee

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From drop-in youth groups to one-on-one mental health sessions, we offer a huge range of support – all over Cornwall.

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