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Leave A Legacy

Leave Behind Kindness

How do you want to be remembered? We’re changing the future of thousands growing up in Cornwall because everyone  deserves the chance to thrive in their lives. We’re able to achieve much more with the backing of good people giving something back after they’ve gone.


Shows you care deeply about the wellbeing of young people in Cornwall. You’ll carry on making an impact on this county for generations to come ­– bringing hope, positivity and support to those who need it most. Your generosity will live on in the work we do, forever.


We’ve devoted decades to delivering youth services that work. Choosing our charity could mean we open a new youth club to support an isolated Cornish community or expanding our wellbeing services to help more in crisis. Your support will transform lives.

Leaving a legacy to Young People Cornwall is like leaving behind never-ending kindness. It will carry on benefiting the charity long after you’re gone and go towards vital resources that support young people in tackling life’s greatest challenges.

We’re a registered charity, so anything you leave us in your will won’t be affected by inheritance tax. Leaving a legacy gift also means you’ll be taxed less on the rest of your estate. A win-win.

Leaving a legacy to Young People Cornwall sets an example to your family. We become a living case of what matters to you most, inspiring relatives to follow in your footsteps.

Young people today face huge challenges. These include having an unsafe home, no food, or being exposed to violence and exploitation. These are real problems that continue to grow across the county at an alarming rate. Your legacy will help us work with young people to address severe struggles and make Cornwall a better place.


  • Firstly, get advice from a financial planner or solicitor to help you understand how legacy donations work. They might recommend you leave it in your will, by a trust or through a beneficiary.
  • Secondly, get in touch to find out more about how we look after your legacy by calling us or emailing [email protected]. All conversations will be treated discreetly and in confidence.

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From drop-in youth groups to one-on-one mental health sessions, we offer a huge range of support – all over Cornwall.

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