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Our Story

Changing young lives since 1974

Working in the heart of Cornwall’s communities, we reach thousands of young people every year because we build trusted relationships and constantly adapt to changing needs.

Let’s go
back to the start…

We love making spaces that allow young people to feel like themselves. Starting out in the seventies, we set up youth clubs and built services with lots of collaboration and hard work. Our size and successes continued to grow so much that the name Young People Cornwall, or YPC, was born.


The following years saw YPC go from strength to strength. In the 1990s we set up Hear Our Voice – the first ever project of its kind – allowing young people to have their say and influence mental health services. This incredibly successful project is just one of many. We like building long term support, embedding ourselves into communities and delivering dependable services.

We know what it takes to deliver youth work at its best. That means we’re always finding new ways to do things. From our main offices in St Austell, we run projects across the county on everything from education and training support to sports sessions, mental health help hubs and drop-in youth clubs. Young people are the experts of their own lives, so we do everything to support this. That’s why our projects are constantly changing to suit their needs and dreams.

We understand how to help young people facing ever-changing challenges like unemployment, social exclusion, crime, homelessness and mental health struggles. We create opportunities, find the right support and check in with those who need us. We get through it together.

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From drop-in youth groups to one-on-one mental health sessions, we offer a huge range of support – all over Cornwall.

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