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Cody’s Story

The following names have been changed to give privacy to our young people.


“I like the youth centre because it’s the one thing in my area that gives young people something regular to do once a week. It brings young people together to make new friends and do activities. My youth worker has been there all the way through everything with us.”

Now seventeen, Cody’s attended open access youth sessions since he was eleven. In year ten Cody left school after some difficulties. He soon got involved in antisocial behaviour and became a NEET young person (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Cody continued going to youth club and with our support found a summer job. The role quickly turned into a full-time position and he’s since been promoted to assistant manager. At work, he is thriving.

When Cody suffered the tragic bereavement of his childhood best friend, he was faced with having to deal with the complex feelings of grief and loss at a young age. He attended YPC open access sessions and support hubs throughout everything and with our backing has kept moving forward, remained positive and taken things in his stride.

Despite it all, Cody gets stuck in at youth club, listening to his peers, helping to cook and actively engaging with younger members. As a consistent attender for over eight years, Cody’s story is just one example of the life-changing impact that long-term, reliable support can have.

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