Youth Voice Projects

At Young People Cornwall, young people are at the heart of everything we do. So it’s only right that we give their voices the attention they deserve. That’s where our youth voice projects come in.

  • Youth Voice Projects


Our Youth Voice Projects support young people to see that their thoughts and opinions are valuable in instigating change, and most importantly action.


Our approach is all about championing young voices and the difference they can make.

We’re encouraging young people to run their own youth forums, hold discussions and put on community events. Through our Young People Cornwall Young Trustee Board, young people get heard on matters that affect them most. Whether it’s the planning of future projects, input on events or suggestions of improvements, the Board opens a direct line for young people to talk with us first-hand, sharing their views with trustees and our CEO.

By being directly involved in decision making, the young people see their confidence soar, so they know they can make their voices heard further afield too.

Rallying together young people and adults, we’re then able to make changes on a larger scale. Through these projects, we’re encouraging young people to take their opinions to local councils and even the Houses of Parliament.

Supporting one another and regularly speaking on the issues that are important to them, our young speakers have developed a toolkit, which helps them – and other young people – hone and professionalise what they want to say. It’s a sure-fire way of making sure the opinions they express get the results they want.


By recognising the role young people can have in making real change happen, we’re forging the next generation of active community members; boosting their confidence and showing just how important speaking up is.

Our approach is about the youth voice and nothing else. Which means its potential – just like the young people it supports – is limitless.