Headstart Youth Facilitators and Community Facilitators

Headstart is a trauma informed project that supports 10 – 16 year olds in Cornwall.

  • Headstart Youth Facilitators and Community Facilitators


The project consists of Youth Facilitators that offer 1-1 intervention with young people and Community Facilitators that help young people access what is available for them in the wider community and offer support to parents if necessary.


A Youth Facilitator can work with a young person for up to 12 sessions and offers sessions that are child-centred and holistic to the young person. These sessions can be held in schools and/or in the community.

Community facilitators work with community groups and parents to build knowledge and skills around working with young people in a way that supports their mental health. They deliver awareness raising on being trauma informed and adolescent development, signposting to training or problem solving around referral pathways.  Community Facilitators signpost young people into community-based activities that benefit their mental health, working closely with groups and volunteers to ensure all activities are suitable and safe.



The project aims at developing emotional resilience and mental well-being in young people. Through building a trusting relationship and engaging the young person, a youth facilitator will look at certain goals the young person might have and help improve aspirations and outcomes in their lives. Youth Facilitators can make further referrals to other organisations and agencies, as necessary.

Community Facilitators will develop links across community and partners, working with young people to develop groups and activity that can be a stepping stone for young people from 1 to 1 support, into community provision.

For youth facilitators contact

For community facilitators contact Terrie Perkins terrie.perkins@ypc.org.uk