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Our Approach

Our Approach

At Young People Cornwall we do things differently. At every stage, the young person chooses to engage with workers, facilities, projects and support services. Everything happens on their terms; when and how they want. It’s what makes our work so effective – for everyone involved.

Giving young people a voice

Young people are directly involved in how the programmes and projects we run take shape and evolve, from sitting on our Board to feeling free to speak up if they want to see changes. It not only shows their opinions are valuable and builds their confidence, it keeps us on the right track, making sure the things we’re doing are working, for the people we’re doing them for.


Valuing individuality

Encouraged to recognise and feel proud of who they are, young people are supported to value their individuality and the effect it can have. This means standing out on their own, but also understanding the important role, rights and responsibilities they have in their family, community, and wider society.


Including everyone

We work with people from lots of different backgrounds and do all we can to ensure everyone has easy access to our facilities and services, as well as equal opportunity to benefit from them. This means being flexible and responsive to changing needs and identifying and tackling prejudice or inequality whenever we come up against it.


Being professional at all times

This comes with the territory. For 40 years we have worked with young people and built up a suite of systems and processes that make sure everything we do is delivered with the utmost professionalism. All our youth workers have the paperwork to prove it, from professional JNC Youth Work qualifications to degrees in teaching and social work. Staff also hold a range of NGB awards in sports and arts-based activities.

Protecting the young people we work with is always front of mind. Everyone in our team undertakes rigorous safeguarding training annually – delivered by our qualified in-house safeguarding training team. Staff also have mandatory health and safety training, risk assessment training, equality and diversity training and CAF training, which is updated on annual basis or as and when legislation changes.