Youth Club Support

We know what it takes to run a youth club. We’ve been running our own and helping others with theirs for over 40 years.

Which means we’re perfectly placed to help you provide top quality, safe youth work in your own community, whether you’ve got a club that you need support with, or want to set up something new. From safeguarding guidance to health and safety policies, advice on how to make your programmes more engaging to staff training, there are all sorts of things we can do for you.


We know how to connect with young people, to keep them safe and to make your activities and programmes fair and legally compliant. By affiliating with Young People Cornwall for a minimal fee, you’ll get the benefit of all our experience and expertise.

We work hard to ensure all our affiliated youth clubs provide the highest quality services for young people, so we’ve developed some template policies, which can help guide your work. We’ve also created a suite of resources for planning activities, and can provide bespoke support and advice to help you run your club.

As part of our youth work network, you’ll be able to get your views and experiences represented at regional and national level courtesy of our partners, Young People South West, Ambition and UK Youth. On top of all that, if you affiliate with us, there’s a range of free training opportunities for volunteers – including safeguarding training and skills development.

Find out more about affiliating and sign up to be part of the Young People Cornwall affiliated youth club network.

Access additional resources and information (affiliated members only).