The House

A dynamic, stimulating and creative space dedicated to young people, The House Youth Project in St Austell is a youth centre with a difference.

Run by Young People Cornwall it’s open to anyone aged 13-19 who wants to have fun, open doors and push their potential to the max.

  • The House


Run by qualified youth workers five days a week, The House is a hub for youth work in St Austell. There’s Young People Cornwall-led activities every day and a host of other sessions run by specific groups too. It’s free to join and open to all.

Whether it’s music, filmmaking, volunteering or just talking, the team at The House helps young people explore their interests, discover new passions and achieve new heights.

With a range of certificates and accreditations on offer, it’s more than just a safe, supportive place to hang out for young people – it could change their lives.

How - Music and the Arts

You’ll often hear young bands rehearsing in our free rehearsal space, making the most of the musical equipment we’ve got to play with. Some of our young people get really fired up at the thought of putting on gigs or performances, so we’ve got a large hall and PA space on hand, perfect for trying out their skills – with the support and encouragement of our team.

Shooting films, painting, sculpting or snapping photos are just a handful of the other hands-on workshops we’ve always got on the go – with the chance for young people to take any of them further and get qualifications if they want.

How - Community

Getting involved is a big part of life at The House and many of our young people volunteer or perform at community events.

We’ve also got a fantastic kitchen and café where young people learn to cook, share and connect through food. Many of them also chip in to keeping The House alive, supporting the tuck shop.

How - Support

Inspiring young people to be the best they can be sits at the heart of The House, and we do that by making sure we offer quality information, advice and guidance on all the issues young people face.

We’ve got a vast network of partners who can help in more complex situations. We know how to safeguard every aspect of young people’s wellbeing, bringing in the right expertise at the right time and working with young people in the way they are most comfortable with.


So many youth centres are just seen as a place to go. The House is so much more. It’s about giving young people a leg up, exciting and engaging them in the sorts of things that they’re interested in, then finding ways for them to take those interests further, if they want.

By inspiring young people to reach higher, get active in the community and get excited about shaping their own future, we’re helping to readdress public perceptions of youth in St Austell and build a positive image of just what these young people are capable of.