You Decide!

Making Cornwall a better place to grow up, You Decide is all about bringing positive activities and support to young people wherever they are – through mobile and outreach youth work.

  • You Decide!


Living in a rural place like Cornwall can be tricky when you’re young. Sometimes it can feel like there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. That’s where You Decide steps in. Whether it’s mobile or outreach, we’ve come up with two ways of making sure young people in Cornwall have access to positive activities and someone to speak to when they need it.

How - Mobile

With our mobile youth hub we bring positive activities and support to young people on their own patch, making sure everyone who’s up for it can get involved.

Setting up in town centres, on beaches, in village squares or in car parks, our hub is packed full of fun stuff to do – the ideal place for young people to hang out, create and connect.

How - Outreach

Our outreach team works closely with community groups and organisations across Cornwall, so that together we can provide even better activities and support for young people, right on their doorstep.

From fine art to Cornish wrestling, five-a-side to fashion shows, music to photography, our youth workers know that to get young people excited about being an active part of their community you have to inspire and motivate them. It’s all about bridging the generation gap – drawing together community leaders and young people to show that they really want the same thing – to make the most out of where they live.


Through our mobile and outreach work, You Decide gives young people the chance to engage with their communities, in a way that works for them. By enjoying what’s on offer they become more motivated to get involved and make a difference – so they make an active, positive difference not just to their community but to how young people there are perceived.