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Sometimes life can become a little overwhelming, leaving you unsure of how to cope. Young People Cornwall believes no one should have to deal with emotional and mental health issues alone.

By breaking down the barriers of discrimination, we’re one step closer to making things better for those that need it.

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Heads Up sparks acceptance and understanding for those affected by mental health issues. Our interactive education initiative, grown from the success of our Hear Our Voice programme, makes people aware of the difficulties that young people can face. We’re battling the stigma attached to mental illness, as well as providing comfort and advice about how to handle complex emotional situations.

We go into schools, young mothers’ and carers’ groups, opening up conversations and tackling the pre-conceptions of emotional and mental welfare.


“The Heads Up session works well because of the kindness and understanding of workers. A good amount of subjects is covered. It encouraged me to share feelings”
Female participant, aged 15

Whether it’s a young mother suffering with post-natal depression, or a class of school children having recently experienced bereavement, Heads Up is dedicated to spreading advice and awareness of emotional and mental welfare. Our small team works hard to ensure that people are both educated and supported, bringing a complimentary and inclusive service to them wherever they are, with the power to really make a difference.

Our tailored sessions open up an environment for conversations to begin and for walls to be broken down. Drawing attention to feelings, mental health, stigma and emotional repercussions of life events through discussion and practice, we’re able to shed light on difficult situations, providing a sounding board for young people to help battle through tough times.

We know first-hand how hard it can be for young people in times of transition, which is why Heads Up is making sure we provide all the support necessary for those making the journey from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS).


“It is the silence that harms”
ex Hear Our Voice member, aged 16

Bringing a voice to issues that often go unnoticed has the power to change lives.

Heads Up is dedicated to changing perceptions and building a support system for those that need it most. By providing understanding and knowledge to those affected, and those around them, we’re helping to place the mental health message in the spotlight.

We want communities and organisations to improve the way they deal with young people suffering emotional health difficulties, and we’re not afraid to shout about it.

As part of South West Young Minds Network, we’re making a big impact on Cornwall County Council’s Mental Health Emotional Well-Being strategy for children and young people, an impact that we hope will help today and in the future.

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