About the Campaign

About the Campaign

The Reality

Cornwall. Where the idyll seen outside the county is rarely lived within. Isolated, bored, frustrated; young people here are often left wondering what life can offer them.

The lack of choice they have, or the decisions they make because of the reality they face, can make the world a difficult place. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Community, opportunity or simply somewhere to go: give young people in Cornwall a chance. Give them youth clubs.

The power is in your hands.



The difference you can make

Your support will help us to:

  • Provide young people of all backgrounds a safe and supportive place to socialise
  • Offer more reliable mental health support to young people across the county
  • Give young people guidance when it comes to work and housing
  • Increase the number of qualified youth workers in the county
  • Offer mobile and outreach projects that take our services to young people
  • Give young people a sense of community and belonging that can be
  • Provide facilities like rehearsal spaces and computers to support creative pursuits that may not otherwise be available to some young people

Each and every donation will add up to safer, happier and more fulfilled young people growing up in Cornwall.


Why now?

When one door closes another one opens, they say. It’s not the same for youth clubs.

Cuts to youth services across the country and closer to home don’t just mean a loss of places for young people to hang out. They mean a loss of opportunity. A loss of vital spaces that act as a gateway to community, new possibilities and brighter futures, especially in Cornwall. Because whether you’re born and bred, raising children or running a business in the county, you’ll know life here isn’t all sunshine and surfing.

From information, advice and support services, to trips to the coast, boat-making workshops and the chance to develop computer skills, youth clubs in Cornwall make a real difference. They give young people a safe place to be, when they feel like there’s nowhere to go. A friendly face, a listening ear and a way forward when they feel lost. And a spark of hope when they feel like there’s no way out.

We know the power of youth clubs. How they can stop bad decisions in their tracks. How they can help battle against self-doubt. How they can strengthen aspirations. And how they can turn the answer to the question “where do I go from here?” from “nowhere” to “anywhere”.

Our youth clubs open doors.

Help keep our youth clubs’ doors open.