Our Board

Young People Cornwall is able to exist because of its dedicated and committed board members.

David Graham Wright


When you grow up in a disadvantaged area, you know what a struggle life can be. Brought up in a poor part of Manchester, David relates strongly to the challenges facing young people today. For the past 15 years, David has been a big part of Young People Cornwall, sharing his compassion, experience and knack with numbers. David is committed to making sure no one is overlooked, and that every project is directly helping those who need it the most.

Christopher Hugh Wells


Making change happen takes serious skills. Christopher has the know-how to make sure Young People Cornwall can carry on tackling issues and making a difference. Having worked in management for almost 20 years learning the nitty gritty of how a successful organisation works, Christopher’s input makes sure that Young People Cornwall can run as smoothly as possible.

Terry Eastwood LL.B.

Associate, Company Secretary

Terry is serious about helping young people. As a specialist in all aspects of Criminal Law, he has seen the need for steering the lives of young people onto a positive path with his own eyes. For the past 30 years Terry has been backing Young People Cornwall as a trustee, using his expert knowledge to drive the charity forward.

Mike Pascoe


Growing up, living and working in Cornwall means that Mike knows first-hand the challenges young people in the county are facing. For 27 years he’s been building relationships, fighting causes and improving opportunities. In fact, all of Mike’s working life has been focused on youth and the community. From running a full-time youth centre in St Austell, to organising volunteers and managing whole district areas, Mike’s experience makes him a valued asset backing the work of Young People Cornwall.

Sian Hedger


Sian knows her figures. She’s been working with numbers, making sure things add up for business, all her working life. But it’s not just the ins and outs of the finance world that Sian has mastered, with two teenage sons at home, she knows how important positive influences on young people can be. Her voice is helping to lead Young People Cornwall in the right direction.